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"Morose, on the other hand, is a typically TP-esque spin on the Disney convention. Instead of "Happy" or "Dozy" we have a name which is a synonym for "miserable"."

And also works on several levels of "right-ness". Think of whereabouts in Europe the Dwarf mythos emerges from, then ask if those rather jolly, twee, Disney-dwarf names belong there.

European dwarfs are a Scandinavian mythological construction. Scandinavia covers Sweden, a nation-state fabled for its almost Chekhovian levels of gloominess, depression, and general dour. Think, for instance, of the plays of Avgust Strindberg, or the films of Ingmar Bergman and their generally jolly themes of insanity, death, depression, introspection, and enduring images such as Death playing chess. Then ask yourself if "Morose" is not such a bad name for a Swedish dwarf!

Indeed, if Walt were to take a break and hand over production to Ingmar....The Seven Swedish Dwarves might well be called Svarmod, Gloomy, Grumpy, Morose, Despond, Grimly and Dourly... --AgProv 09:13, 18 April 2008 (UTC)-

oh and the fabled maker of artefacts, the dwarf Ikea....--AgProv 09:16, 18 April 2008 (UTC)