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Why is it "NULLVS" with one U and one V? --Death 19:15, 26 March 2007 (CEST)

Because I copied what was on the shield and the shield had a typo. Don't worry I'll fix it.--Teletran 06:47, 27 March 2007 (CEST)

Blame the Romans. For all their advances in engineering, road-building, education, viniculture and maintaining civil order, the one thing they didn't do for us was the letter "U". No, the letter "V" stood double-duty for both sounds, and the "U" did not really enter English orthography much before the eighteenth century and Dr Johnson. Hence the name of the Roman emperor Claudius was carved as "CLAVDIVS" on offical monuments - it is also spelt this way on the cover of Graves' novel "I, Claudius" and the opening credits of the TV adaptation. Although we are assured it was still pronounced "Claudius", you could see where a Pratchett world-view could lead with this one... the use of the V to represent U persisted well down the centuries, hewnce its interchangeable use in heraldry. No doubt the Disc has a similar historical confusion? --AgProv 15:18, 17 September 2007 (CEST)

Teletran: Could it be from an earlier form of the written Morporkian or a trembling hand of a Herald?--Marz2 15:22:35, March 05, 2008 (EST)

Wouldn't have brought it up myself, of course, but since we bandy a lady's age...

  • We don't know how old she was at Sam/John's visit, but it says "She'd looked sixteen!" (Corgi PB p68)
  • That was probably thirty-two years before the birth of Sam Jr. and that was about two years before the "present".
  • She can't be much younger than Sam if she "looked sixteen" when Sam was a recruit and sixteen or little more.

More likely Sam's gone fifty and Sybil's forty-eightish. See also Talk:1957 UC --Old Dickens 22:54, 28 April 2008 (UTC)

Twelve years old; where does it say that?? --Iron Hippo 16:17, 12 January 2010 (UTC)

It doesn't, as I mentioned above. It must be time to fix that. --Old Dickens 23:29, 12 January 2010 (UTC) At the least, if she were a big twelve-year-old who only looked sixteen, at the minimum of thirty-two years ago, she could be forty-four, but where does it mention twelve? Yo, AgProv! It says here you wrote this.
  • She comes across older than 44, she's probably about the age of the Patrician (16 at the time of the Glorious Revolution), so there might not be a huge gap between Vimes and Sybil. I think even Terry's unsure about how old people are at any given time. Marmosetpower 15:44, 8 July 2011 (CEST)

Whoops. I'll tell him to get on to this when I next see him. -- 09:15, 13 January 2010 (UTC)

Who was that masked man? . --Old Dickens 15:07, 13 January 2010 (UTC)

Tidied. --AgProv 21:05, 8 July 2011 (CEST)


Just something to flag up: wasn't she Duchess before Vimes became Duke? I really want to say she was, and that Vetinari makes him Duke; Now I think this is the case but I'm not positive so if anyone is reading Guards! Guards! who can confirm if she's a duchess at that point... Also, it says in the article that it irks Vimes when she is refered to as Her Grace - this may be true in earlier novels but I think it should be changed; in Snuff Vimes makes a fuss when they arrive at the Ramkin House because the staff call her Lady Sybil, after calling him Your Grace. If he is His Grace, she is Her Grace, he tells the staff. Lordloss210 (talk) 20:35, 19 May 2013 (GMT)

No, it's mentioned how chuffed she'll be to be elevated to the Rodley level of society when Sam is thinking of refusing the title. --Old Dickens (talk) 20:49, 19 May 2013 (GMT)
Fair enough, thanks for clearing that up, Old Dickens. The mention of how he doesn't, or no longer does, dislike it when she is referred to as a duchess or her grace should still be mentioned I think. I'll do it soon, unless someone beats me to it. Lordloss210 (talk) 16:33, 24 May 2013 (GMT)