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The Tenth Foot (or Infantry) is an old and honorable regiment of the Borogravian Army. It has such a length of tradition that it has two nicknames: the Ins-and-Outs, from the motto above, and the Cheesemongers, from a folk song about about a soldier stealing a dairymaid's cheese. This last is slightly risqué for Borogravia (although perhaps not for the army), but their shako badge is a flaming cheese.

For much of recent history the Ins-and-Outs have been famous for including Sgt. Jack Jackrum, the toughest NCO in the army. Most recently, it held Jackrum's squad of rookie commandos under Lt. Blouse who changed the war and the country.

Many of the Borogravian staff officers and even General Froc have been in the Tenth with Jackrum at one time, but who remains and who has moved on to the general staff is unclear.

See here for Roundworld referents.


As Sgt. Jackrum and Pte. Perks explain to the rest of the regiment, the Cheesemongers' official song is a Folk Song, and thus has a "Humourous" content rather than a directly sexual one. The basic storyline of the song is that a young dairy maid is walking to market with her cheese, and is stopped by an (apparently attractive) young soldier. He offers to help her "tie her garter" in a more secluded area, she agrees, and when she lies down, he proceeds to make off with her cheese, leaving her frustrated and short a day's wages. Presumably this episode is followed by numerous repetitions of "too-rah-loo-rah-lay" &c.