The Willows

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The Willows is a river walk on the Morpork side of the river, running from College Lane round to Peach Pie Street, where it meets, in succession, the Backs, the Sides and the Fronts of Unseen University. Effectively Peach Pie Street marks the end of publicly accessible walks along the riverbank in the Hubwards direction, although depending on the attitude of the University, there may be limited access as far as the Bridge of Size and thus across the river, past Wizards' Pleasaunce to Kaleidoscope Walk and thus Rimwards, along the walks on the Ankh side.

Alternatively, Hen & Chickens Field and Mort Lake beckon should you want to carry on strolling Hubwards.

Recreational walkers passing Wizards' Pleasaunce - which is definitely closed to the public - are warned that this is a traditional area for Mustrum Ridcully to indulge in the hearty masculine traditions of an all-male institution, such as breaking the crust of the Ankh and going skinny-dipping. You have been warned.