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Tina Hannan (aka Misty) is a blogger, photographer and writer. With Terry Pratchett and Stephen Briggs she is one of the co-authors of Nanny Ogg's Cookbook and was responsible for the creation of most of the recipes featured in the book.

Tina has portrayed Angua von Überwald both in cosplay at conventions and played the werewolf in a play of Guards! Guards!. Terry once told her that she was the 'official' Angua as she heavily resembled the character.

Tina Hannan has also contributed to the book 'Shaggy Blog Stories.' A collection of 100 comic stories by authors and bloggers created to raise money for Red Nose Day.

Nanny Ogg's Cookbook

In 1997 Tina Hannan presented Terry Pratchett with some dwarf bread, figgins and a sticky toffee rat-onna-stick. This would later lead to the two collaborating on this cookbook.

Tina is one of the co-authors of 'Nanny Ogg's Cookbook.' The recipes in the book are copyright her and Stephen Briggs, with Tina having created the majority of the recipes.

Despite her work taking up a good deal of the cookbook, Tina received no royalties from the sale of any copy with all the money that would have gone to her being donated to the Orangutan Foundation.

At least one other Discworld inspired recipe by Tina was published in the Discworld Chronicle fan magazine.

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