Two Streams

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Lady Two Streams was a noblewoman of the Agatean Empire during Interesting Times. Like many of the other Agatean nobles, she is shocked by the mannerisms, the appearance, and, well the existence of Cohen the Barbarian, who has just appointed himself emperor. In the kitchens of the Forbidden City, she spoke with other noblewomen (Ladies Peach Petal and Jade Night) about the stink of Cohen. She haughtily commented that she did not know what Peach Petal was talking about in comparing Cohen to a hot day in a pig yard- for she had never had that experience.

Along with Lord Nine Mountains, Cohen ordered her to eat food that Lord Hong had poisoned (and intended for Cohen and the rest of the Silver Horde). However, after Nine Mountains eats the poisoned meat and explodes, Cohen spares her life and sends her to the dungeons. (Suitably escorted by One Big River).

Described by Cohen as a skinny woman with a face like a hatful of pins.