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We-R-Igors (motto: "A Spare Hand When Needed") is an agency for the placement of the Discworld's Igors. Igors (all male Igors are named Igor) are self-made and maintained, skilled in various technologies including custom glass blowing, surgery and the mysterious electricity. This is the place to hire a lisping, hunchbacked mad scientist's assistant; don't expect to get your average temp.

While being insane is not a requirement for employing Igors, they do have a tendency to be dispatched to employers with questionable sanity and morals. This doesn't really worry them though - if an Igor isn't employed by a mad scientist, it just gives him more time to spend on his own experiments.

The agency is located at The Old Rathaus in Bad Schüschein but with clacks technology (c-mail: Yethmarthter Uberwald) and express shipping arrangements it can dispatch an Igor across the continent in a few days. The office is run by Aunt Igorina (all female Igors are named Igorina).