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{{Character Data
{{Character Data
|title= Albert Spangler
|title= Albert Spangler
|name= Albert Spangler
|name= Albert Spangler
|age= 26
|age= 26
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|occupation= Swindler, thief, conman
|occupation= Swindler, thief, conman
|appearance= Six foot two, brown-blond hair, average and nondescript, identical to famous businessman [[Moist von Lipwig]].
|appearance= Identical to famous businessman [[Moist von Lipwig]].

|residence= Travelling con artist
|residence= Travelling con artist

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Albert Spangler
Name Albert Spangler
Race Human
Age 26
Occupation Swindler, thief, conman
Physical appearance Identical to famous businessman Moist von Lipwig.
Residence Travelling con artist
Death Hanged by Daniel Trooper
Marital Status unknown.
Books Going Postal, Making Money

A now deceased conman and criminal who was hanged to death. He was coincidentally about the same height and build as Moist von Lipwig, who in fellow feeling, was disgusted to see the execution only merited a couple of inside paragraphs in the Tanty Bugle. As Moist remarked to Vetinari, he knows Spangler is dead: he was there to witness it, and saw every moment as if he was experiencing it himself, even if Cribbins knows Spangler is still alive in Making Money. He was known to have accumulated a large sum of ill-gotten gains though these have never officially been recovered, which altogether adds up to the sum of a hundred and fifty thousand Ankh-Morpork dollars.

Publishing Note

For reasons known only to some employees of HarperCollins, Spangler has another alias in Roundworld's United States of America, where he is often known as Alfred Spangler. Given Moist's vast number of aliases, this is not surprising.