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Terry Pratchett HisWorld Official Exhibition Companion
Co-author(s) Rob Wilkins, Rhianna Pratchett, Paul Kidby
Illustrator(s) Paul Kidby
Publisher Dunmanifestin Ltd
Publication date 25th October 2018
ISBN 9781999808167
Pages 224
RRP £30.00
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All data relates to the first UK edition.

Companion to the 2017-2018 exhibition on the life and works of Terry Pratchett.


In 2017 the Estate of Sir Terry Pratchett, the Salisbury Museum and illustrator Paul Kidby joined forces to present the award winning Terry Pratchett: HisWorld exhibition – taking visitors to the heart of the world of the Discworld creator.

This comprehensive and fully illustrated guide is the official companion to that unique collection.

With additional images and extra content including essays by Rhianna Pratchett, Rob Wilkins, Paul Kidby, Colin Smythe, Bernard Pearson, Stephen Briggs, Amy Anderson for The Josh Kirby Estate, Professor Roy Jones, Jake Keen & Nick Cowen.

The exhibition won Best Temporary or Touring Exhibition in the prestigious Museum & Heritage Awards.

The judges described it as “an exhibition which demonstrated great emotional connection which resulted in a marked change in visitor demographics”.

This book is a perfect memento for those who made the journey to view the resoundingly popular exhibition and the perfect consolation for those who were unable to visit in person.


Cover by Paul Kidby
Slipcase Edition

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