"Great Leveller" Cart-Mounted Ten-Bank 500-Pound Crossbow

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The "Great Leveller" Cart-Mounted Ten-Bank 500-Pound Crossbow is one of Burleigh and Stronginthearm's finest pieces of modern weaponry, much sought after by the Klatchian military in their War of Pacification against the D'regs.

From context, presumably it's either ten Piecemakers mounted on a cart or - intriguingly - a single 500-pound draw crossbow (mechanically drawn) with some system of gravity feed, as used in the Hershebian twelve-shot bows with the gravity feed mentioned by Nobby in Men at Arms. This is where, once one bolt has been fired, the next automatically drops into place as the string is winched back so that the rate of fire is higher. If this is the case, a 500-pound draw rapid-fire siege weapon must be one hell of a sight to see in the hands of your enemy, even if you are a D'reg...