Actors' Guild

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The Guild that represents the interests of the City's thespians, mummers and hams, but definitely not mime-artists. It is based at Quilldaisy Stairs on the Isle of Gods, and its Guild Master is Olwyn Vitoller.

The Compleat Ankh-Morpork notes that this is a Guild that, traditionally, has always been well supplied with (at present, only male) foundlings, who are taken in, treated kindly, and taught a trade. Nobody can work in professional acting in Ankh-Morpork without holding a valid Actors' Guild membership card. It is unclear what the sanction is for un-licenced actors, but if the usual robust and time-honoured sort of Ankh-Morpork sanctions apply, it must be pretty much of a deterrent. It is noted that young and aspiring actors are often "resting" between engagements and find it a struggle to meet their annual membership dues : the city is therefore awash with surprisingly cheap childrens' entertainers. At the time of Wyrd Sisters, only males could enter the profession, leading to all female parts having to be taken by boys. This might explain the popularity of drag artists, pantomime dames, and Lieutenant Blouse's enthusiastic take on disguise. It is unclear if Opera perpetrators have to be members, as their art calls for acting, to a given value of acting.