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Name Simon Wrigley
Age about 13
Occupation student car-thief
Physical appearance tall, skinny, suede haircut, camo pants and Doc Martens
Residence Blackbury
Parents unknown
Relatives older brother
Marital Status
Books Only You Can Save Mankind, Johnny and the Dead, Johnny and the Bomb

A friend of Johnny Maxwell. Bigmac is the sort of kid whose growth has outstripped his girth: a tall thin skinhead with chronic asthma and a burgeoning talent for harvesting any cars whose owners have been incautious enough to leave them in the vicinity of the Joshua N'Clement tower block in Blackbury, described by disaffected neighbours (all of them) as Rottweiler Heights.

When first met he is living with his older brother and Clint, but following a difference of opinion with his brother over the advisability of having black friends, he has moved out and is now being cared for by Yo-less's mother, who is a nurse with a colour-blind maternal instinct. This more or less completes the set: Johnny's friends are a West Indian with no interest in reggae and a skinhead with no inclination towards racism.