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Captain Tantony is the town Watch commander in Bonk. He learns much about practical policing from Samuel Vimes during the latter's time as diplomat to Uberwald. They first meet when Tantony stops him at the gates of Bonk for a customs search. He also accompanies Vimes on his tour of the local figures of political authority, but only as far staying with the coach, being scared of meeting both Margolotta and, presumably, The Baron as well. When Vimes is imprisoned by the Dwarfs after an attempt to frame him, Tantony suffers an internal conflict over the accusations laid against Vimes.

Ashamed by Vimes' criticism of his behaviour and accusations of cowardice "you don't argue with barons, you don't argue with anyone!" Tantony led his men to confront the werewolves at their own castle. Supporting Vimes he attempted to arrest Baroness Serafine von Überwald for her crimes. He was savaged by her son Wolfgang for his trouble, though later recovered thanks to the medical care of the castle Igor.

When a half-crazed Wolfgang rampaged through Bonk Tantony led his men in an attempt to arrest him, until Vimes convinced him to let him try first. He got to witness Vimes ask Wolfgang to surrender, warn him that he was armed and then launch a firework over Wolfgang's head. Which the werewolf jumped to catch in his mouth.

After the explosion Tantony spoke to Vimes of how a city man would not be aware of the dog like nature of a werewolf and could not have known how he would react. That was also what the official report said too, but what Tantony believed was another matter.

Impressed by Tantony's backbone, and considering how he seemed less likely to take orders from the nobles and looked like making more enemies, Vimes rewarded Tantony by having a large consignment of finest Burleigh & Stronginthearm weapons sent to equip the Bonk Watch.