Book:Terry Pratchett's Discworld Quiz Diary 2019

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Terry Pratchett's Discworld Quiz Diary 2019
Co-author(s) Discworld Emporium
Illustrator(s) Peter Dennis
Publisher Gollancz
Publication date August 2018
ISBN 1473223105
Pages 128
RRP £16.99
Main characters
Series Diary Series
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All data relates to the first UK edition.


Do you know your wossnames from your wahoonies?

Your Seamstress from your Scumble?

Your Figgins from your forn parts?

As the hippos of memory stir in the murky waters of your mind, it's time to pit your wits against a range of positively Pratchettian topics and tasks.

We invite you to revel in, and reflect on some oft-forgotten Discworld trivia in this year long quiz, designed to determine precisely how much your journeys through the Discworld have affected your mind!

With little thought to personal safety, our team of researchers have travelled from Rim to Hub, plumbed the depths of dwarfish mines, climbed the snow-caped peaks of the Ramtops, even plunged headlong through the Dungeon Dimensions and the fathomless regions of L-Space, to bring you the choicest set of questions, quandaries and queries against which to test your mettle!

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