Boy Willie

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Boy Willie
Name Boy Willie
Race Human
Age 80 (before death)
Occupation Barbarian
Physical appearance dehydrated, wrinkled, wears orthopedic boots
Residence Discworld
Death debatable
Marital Status irrelevant
Books Interesting Times

The youngest member of the Silver Horde, he is (was?) a whipper-snapper at a mere 80 years of age. He wears boots with extremely thick soles because both his legs are shorter than the other. Went with Cohen and the others to Dunmanifestin, home of the Gods to return fire to them in the shape of a bloody big bomb. Presumed dead when they created a sizeable crater following a glory-charge to right their misdeeds. Although, seeing as they hijacked some horses off a bunch of Valkyries and escaped into the air, are they alive, dead or in-between? No-one knows, but Mad Hamish swears he'll kill anyone as tells him he's dead...