By-Your-Leave Walk

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This is the river walk carrying on in a widdershins direction from Tober Omee Walk. It follows the edge of the Isle of Gods from Quilldaisy Stairs and Pon's Bridge to Brewer Street and Contract Bridge, where it becomes Contract Walk. Walkers in this area are advised to take special care as the Butts is immediately adjacent. While the Assassins are careful to put up large red flags warning the walker that archery and crossbow training is in progress, other leisure and professional users are not so thoughtful. In any case, the Assassins watch where they are firing. They are renowned for it. It's considered terribly bad form to inhume innocent bystanders, and the Assassins do not believe in training with extreme prejudice. (Except perhaps in the case of their students). Be advised that Sergeant Fred Colon may be leading Watch recruits in weapons training and he isn't terribly good at it. Range discipline may not be nearly so good in this event and, well, accidents happen. You have been warned. Walk here at your own risk.