Clerk's Gable

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Clerk's Gable
Name Clerk's Gable
Race Gargoyle
Occupation Water drain
Physical appearance
Residence Rooftops over Salis and Phebre (see below for note), Ankh-Morpork
Marital Status
Books Discworld Noir

Clerk's Gable is a Gargoyle who spends most of his time on a rooftop. He can't speak very clearly, as he has a gutter in his mouth. Clerk's Gable witnesses the murder of Malachite, and verifies that Lewton was not the killer, but some kind of beast. Thanks to this, Lewton is freed from his cell in the Patrician's Palace. Clerk's Gable resides in the general area where Salis Street meets Phedre Road. at the moment it is unclear if Discworld Noir uses the variant spelling Phebre Road; this could be another of those occasional mis-spellings that crop up from time to time, or just the accepted casual Ankh-Morporkian attitude to orthography.