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Birdwhistle's seminal tome Legendes and Antiquities of the Ramtops lists the traditional degrees of falconry permissible in the Kingdom of Lancre.

Strict rules of custom and etiquette decide which birds of prey are permissible to the individual depending on their social status.

The gradations are as follows:-

  • The King may fly a gyrfalcon (whatever the hell this is). (For those of worryingly exacting bent, a gyrfalcon is the largest falcon on Roundworld).
  • The Queen may fly a Lancre Wowhawk or Lappet-faced Worrier.
  • Any Earl in the vicinity may fly a peregrine falcon.
  • Any priest may fly a sparrowhawk.
  • The Peasantry may have a stick to throw. (This is a liberal forward-thinking monarchy)

It is possible that Nanny Ogg might be permitted a chicken on a spring.

The current keeper of the Lancre falconry tradition is Hodgesaargh, who was once privileged to fly a phoenix.