Flood Row

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Flood Row is a river walk on the Morpork side of the river, running rimwwards- by- turnwise from the Brass Bridge to Minger Way, opposite Contract Walk on the Isle of Gods.Progress is impeded at this point as there is no direct continuation of the Walks: it looks as if there is a private landing or some sort of small private dock here. (EDIT: in fact there is: one of the Filigree Street businesses that has private access to the river here is, in fact, the Mended Drum. Which in the books has riverside access so as to be able to revive drunks and dispose of inconvenient corpses.] The only way to continue Rimwards is to detour via Minger Way - Filigree Street - Yek's Alley and back to the riverside at Rime Street. You may as well stop off for a drink at the Drum first.