Horace Worblehat

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Dr. Horace Worblehat
Dr. Horace Worblehat played by Nicholas Tennant
Name Dr. Horace Worblehat
Race Orang-utan, originally Human
Age Unknown
Occupation Librarian of the Unseen University
Physical appearance
Residence The Library of the Unseen University
Marital Status Single
Books The Light Fantastic, Equal Rites, Sourcery, Guards! Guards!, Eric, Reaper Man, Men at Arms, Soul Music, Interesting Times, Maskerade, The Last Continent, The Last Hero, The Science of Discworld, The Science of Discworld II: the Globe, The Science of Discworld III: Darwin's Watch, Unseen Academicals
Cameos TV and Film:The Colour of Magic and A Tourists Guide to Ankh-Morpork and the Discworld Mort, Wyrd Sisters, Small Gods,Jingo, Lords and Ladies, Going Postal, Making Money, Thud! Hogfather, Night Watch, Moving Pictures,

Dr Horace Worblehat, B.Thau, D.M., is the name of the current Librarian of Unseen University before he was transformed into his preferred form as an orang-utan. Dr Worblehat was born in Moon Pond Lane, Ankh-Morpork, next to the saddle-makers. He is dimly remembered as being a quiet, polite and generally a kind sort of person; the typical personality that gets easily forgotten. To add to this recollection problem, the page of the relevant year book containing a picture of Dr Worblehat and his name has been mysteriously torn out and with a lingering bananary smell. No one knows why... except that one of the most Ancient Magics (so old it was probably still called "Magick") holds that knowing someone's real name, like holding a piece of them (such as the teeth in Hogfather) enables magic users to do what they want with them - like turn them back into a human. The Librarian really has no intention of letting that happen.