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Madam Sharn
Name Sharn
Race Dwarf
Age unspecified
Occupation Fashionista
Physical appearance short, bearded and of generous proportions
Residence Ankh-Morpork
Marital Status in a relationship with Pepe
Books Unseen Academicals

The creator of Jewels, and a dwarf to be reckoned with. Described as a dwarf of some considerable girth in a breastplate so beautiful it can only be ornamental. Sharn wears so many rings it requires a second look to determine whether it is a gauntlet or not. On the basis of Sharn's fruity rich chocolatey voice and her own declaration she is supposedly female. She appears to have left Bonk against her volition but there's a suggestion she may find herself welcome should she choose to return.

The owner and proprietor of Shatta as well as the partner in business and love of Pepe.


One is led to wonder whether the name is expected to evoke a similar reaction to the Roundworld name "Sharon", which would be an apposite name for the proprietor of a fashion boutique targeted at a particular demographic: that of wives and girlfriends of high-ranking males in the football hierarchy.