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Lady Margolotta
Name Margolotta Amaya Katerina Assumpta Crassina Von Überwald (in short; the long form requires 4 pages)
Race Vampire
Age several hundred; in appearance, fortyish
Occupation politician
Physical appearance not very tall, attractive (in a slightly fussy sort of way) with dark hair.
Residence Bonk, Überwald
Death not likely
Marital Status Presumably single
Books The Fifth Elephant, Unseen Academicals , Raising Steam
Cameos (mention) The Truth, Going Postal, Making Money, Snuff

Lady Margolotta is a wealthy noblewoman living in an appropriate castle near Bonk, in Überwald. Oh, and she's a Vampire, a Black Ribboner, a member of the Überwald League of Temperance (she is in fact one of the founding members). She may sport a pink jumper (with embroidered bats) (The Fifth Elephant), though if the remarks of Nutt are accurate she also owns a dress made largely of leather and rubber, and owns a small dog that looks more like a rat. Her coach is entirely black, with black glass in the windows, black horses with black plumes, and no driver. Samuel Vimes also noted that she "looked like someone's mother".

The castle where she lives has architecture described as "being influenced by fairytales and the more decorative form of cake" and could be a parody of Roundworld's Neuschwanstein Castle, (the building of which drove a King of Bavaria to insanity and bankruptcy).

She seems to be a leading political influence across the empires, nations and city-states of the Discworld. Lord Vetinari, Ankh-Morpork's current Patrician, spent some time with her during his Grand Sneer (and escape from Snapcase's Ankh-Morpork) apparently laying most of the groundwork for his own rise to power. Margolotta claims to have learned a lot, especially about manipulation, from Vetinari who had graduated from the Assassins' Guild some time before starting on his trip.1

Margolotta was a patron of William de Worde's newsletter before he founded the Ankh-Morpork Times and she apparently maintains many such sources around the Disc. With a Vampire's power of persuasion and attention to detail, she's always on top of the political situation, at least across Überwald and the Sto Plains, influencing it subtly and slowly (Vampires have lots of time). We know that Black Ribboners "switch" their craving for blood to something else and Lady Margolotta now craves control over people. You have been warned.

She appears to be an older and distinguished vampire, having 4 pages in the Almanack de Gothic.

Lady Margolotta appears in The Fifth Elephant and Unseen Academicals, and is casually mentioned by Vetinari several times in the novels between the two.

1 There is some doubt about the date of Vetinari's graduation: he may have returned to graduate in 1968 UC, when it became safe.

Recurring speculation

It is rumoured that Lady Margolotta has a ... relationship with Lord Vetinari. The text, however, doesn't seem to mention anything beyond political cooperation and a longstanding Thud rivalry. They may, as powerful and feared heads of state, be each other's only friends.