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One of the five noble families in the Agatean Empire who wrestle for the rule of the Counterweight continent and periodically succeed in getting a member enthroned as Emperor.

The McSweeneys are a very old established family, despite their name which doesn't fit in with the other four houses: Sungs, Tangs, Hongs and the Fangs.

After the success of the revolutionaries establishment of a Republic after the fall of the Empire, several members of the McSweeneys moved to the neighbouring island of Nafooi to try to continue the old empire.

A jug "from the McSweeney dynasty" is mentioned in passing as being owned (and destroyed) by Effie King in Raising Steam, p. 28.


The McSweeneys might even be described as a Noble House... refer to James Clavell's novel of the same name concerning the machinations of the founding families who built Hong Kong and established Anglo-Chinese trading dynasties. In particular Dirk Straun who, like the McSweeneys, has a Scottish name.