Ovin Hakardly

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Appearing in Sourcery, Ovin Hakardly was a 7th level wizard who could speak punctuation.

For many years he had lectured in magical Lore to the extent that a lot of it had rubbed off on him. He was one of the few wizards to oppose the Sourcerer Coin when he came to the University. When Marmaric Carding proposed that Coin be made Archchancellor Hakardly angrily objected, finding himself standing alone in the centre of an expanding circle of wizards suddenly ready to swear they'd never clapped eyes on him in their life.

Despite this, Hakardy refused to be afraid of Coin and his staff and claimed that no one but a wizard of the eight level, chosen by senior wizards, could become Archchancellor and that mere magical power was not enough. Coin or his staff did not harm Hakardly, perhaps seeing the need to convince the wizard to follow rather than oppose him. Instead he pointed out that the Lore did not apply to him, as he was not a wizard. He admitted that he would accept the wisdom and advice of the wizards and questioned them as to why they did not rule the city.