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Ringfounder was one of the many dwarf members of the Watch. In Thud! he held the rank of corporal and was up for promotion to sergeant. This caused him so issues of divided loyalties due to an increase in tensions between the troll and dwarf communities in the city. With the upcoming Koom Valley Day and hardline grags such as Hamcrusher preaching that is was ok to murder trolls, there was a lot of ill feeling all round.

When the dwarfs of the city heard the gossip that Hamcrusher was dead and that the watch were to be kept out of it, Ringfounder did not bring this to Commander Vimes’ attention. Only because Carrott overheard him and Ironbender talking did the truth come out. Mister Vimes was not happy to learn that his dwarf officers though they could keep murder a secret, and perhaps for this reason he selected corporal Ringfounder as part of the squad he took to Treacle Mine Road to check on the health of Grag Hamcrusher. Shortly after, he quits, claiming ' family reasons'.