Rumoured and Unfinished Works

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Sir Terry Pratchett sadly passed away in March 2015 leaving many of the drafts of new and old stories that he was working on to be left unfinished. This left The Shepherd's Crown as the last Discworld novel and The Long Cosmos as his last collaborative novel, posthumously published and finished with the aid of Rob Wilkins and Stephen Baxter respectively.

Throughout his career Terry mentioned ideas and teased titles for potential stories and novels mainly in the Discworld series:

At the end of the book The Shepherd's Crown there is an afterword by Rob Wilkins where he mentions several unfinished works:

  • Twilight Canyons - A story about old folk solving a mystery about treasure and preventing the rise of a Dark Lord.
  • The Dark Incontinent - Mentions the crystal cave and carnivorous plants.
  • A "whodunnit" among the goblins featuring Constable Feeney.
  • A second story starring Maurice as a ships cat.

On 25th August 2017 Rob Wilkins fulfilled one of Terry's last wishes and destroyed the hard drive of his computer under a steamroller, Newspaper Article, resulting in the loss of these possible stories.