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Troll Bridge
Film Poster/DVD Cover
ASIN [1]
IMDB 3482798
First Broadcast 16th January 2019
Broadcast Channel
Director(s) Daniel Knight
Producer(s) Ahren Morris
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Starring Don Bridges, Glenn Van Oosterom, John Jenkins, Troy Larkin
Duration 16 minutes (Festival), 25 minutes (Complete)
Series Short Stories
Annotations Annotations for TV and Film:Troll Bridge
Preceded by Going Postal
Followed by Good Omens
All data relates to the UK home release.

Troll Bridge is an independent short film created by the Australian studio Snowgum Films based on the short story of the same name by Terry Pratchett.


The plot is the same as the original short story with Cohen the Barbarian making his way to Death Bridge to defeat a Troll in single combat to prove himself, however upon meeting the troll things go rather differently.

Unique to the film there is also a prologue showing Cohen in his younger days fighting in a large scale battle; Terry Pratchett aided by writing additional dialogue for this sequence.

Production History

Troll Bridge was financed through Kickstarter with donated money and production began in 2011. The project later moved to Backerkit during post-production.

In 2016 at Terry Pratchett's memorial service Snowgum Films announced that the film was nearing completion.

After completion the film is expected to tour and be exhibited at professional film circuits, after which it will be released to backers as a downloadable/streamable film and on DVD/BLU Ray.

The film premiered at the Australian international film festival Flickerfest on 16th January 2019.

In January 2021 Snowgum Films released the Complete version of the film on their Youtube channel: Troll Bridge on Youtube


The film will be released in three versions:

  • Festival: The finished film and the version that will be shown on tour. (16 Mins)
  • Complete: The theatrical version with the complete war prologue and other extended scenes scaled down in the theatrical version. (25 mins)
  • Bloody Stupid Johnson Edition: The complete version along with deleted sequences, animatics, and test footage to tell the extended story. (45 mins)

Backers Portal/Streaming Arena

This area on the Troll Bridge website is accessible only by backers. It contains the three versions of the film and the bonus material available on the DVD/BLU Ray discs as well as additional material was not added to the physical releases.

Troll Bridge Backers Portal/Streaming Arena


Promotional Image
  • Director: Daniel Knight
  • Producer: Ahren Morris
  • Cohen the Barbarian: Don Bridges
  • Horse: Glenn Van Oosterom
  • Mica: John Jenkins
  • Beryl: Troy Larkin
  • Scree: Ruben Francis
  • Narrator: Phil Zachariah
  • Cohen the Barbarian (Young): Ange Galati
  • Carvetemple: John Jenkins
  • Hawksborn: Billy Smedley
  • Sepsis Leech: Nick Dubberley
  • Gort: Ashley Weidner
  • Hamplug: Tim Ferris
  • Blox: Glenn Van Oosterom
  • Craaw: Andrew Stoops
  • Plink: Liam McIntyre
  • Sid: Leon Dürr
  • Captain Vord: Troy Larkin
  • Gavin: Tim Ferris
  • Hafgrim: Troy Larkin
  • Sir John Hawkwood: Stephen 'Sven' Wyley
  • Sir William O'Noonan: Damien Noonan
  • Axart: Leon Dürr

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