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Only just read this page and the link to bureaucracy and red tape etc immediately put me in mind of Old Harry's Game (though it's still very much a roundworld vision of hell). For a sample, someone has made this video based on some excerpts from the BBC 4 radio show [warning - contains a little bit of plasticine character nudity in a scene where Satan stops a tortoise being sacrificed (puts me in mind of Om) - I feel a bit hesitant about sharing something with nudity, even like this, but it is a good radio show and considering Terry considers Narrativia should be depicted 'smoking a cigarette and showing one breast' I guess I should get over being a little prudish and can reconcile it with myself with this warning.] --Verity (talk) 20:57, 19 April 2014 (UTC)

Heh... I have an unformed fanfic/fan-art idea, where my Quirmian Assassin Madame Deux-Epées becomes the life-model for "Quirm"'s national anthropomorphic personification... Marianne, spirit of the French Revolution, is always depicted in a badly--secured shift where one breast is exposed... not sure what name Marianne would take on the Discworld, though! AgProv (talk) 22:36, 19 April 2014 (UTC)

Seeing the pic of Mme les Deux-Epees in the Guild Diary I can see what you mean - she does look like she'd make a good basis/personification of a Quirm Goddess/personification.
Well, I'm not great at coming up with names usually, but after a quick look through popular French/Belgian names on good old Wikipedia, perhaps variations/developments of the following may be of use: Leah (linked to the hebrew for 'weary' of the chaldean name meaning 'mistress' or 'ruler'), Charlotte (theres a lot of variations - female version of charles meaning 'strong and virile' or 'vigorous'), Marie or Manon (as well as meanings like beloved, loved, star of the sea can also mean renowned or famous or bitter and is of course liked to the marianne), Josephine (meaning wise isn't easy to work with, but considering the link of a Josephine to Napoleon Bonaparte and therefore french revolution - therefore linking with Marianne could be useful), Eva (meaning life or living one - a bit of an irony for an assassin link but also if the assassin remains the living one it's probably good news for that assassin (and bad news for their client)), Eleanor (again, meaning wise difficult, but could do some nice variations of, very french/quirmian, historical, noble and there's been a few strong women in the past with this name) or Louise (again theres variations, very french/germanic and can mean 'Famous Warrior' -the link to Marianne and revolution and the skill of an assassin seem highly related here). Just a few ideas, and since deities don't always have wild imaginations I expect it would be possible to go off on a tangent from something like these quite effectively. What I sometimes do is follow the the Ecalpon/Llamedos rule: if in doubt spell it backwards.
Glad I'm not the only one thinking up storylines related to supernatural discworld entities.
--Verity (talk) 03:43, 20 April 2014 (UTC)