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Can't see how, apart from the name (Pterry must also have noticed and he never does anything without a reason), but is there a link between Jeremy Clockson and the roundworld TV presenter Jeremy Clarkson? Clarkson is the sort of jolly extrovert who presents a regular show on big fast cars - the only clocks he watches fanatically are, as a rule, speedometers and anything else on a dashboard.

But then, somebody has to build them and they're only one step away from being proper clocks - they use the same sort of technology but don't measure time. And anyway, Clarkson would be less impressed by the measuring device or how it works, than in the qualities it measures - sheer power and speed.

Clockson would shrug disinterestedly at the big fast car, but he would want to dismantle the dashboard to see if anything new could be learnt from the clocks, dials, and measuring devices...

The similarity between the names is too obvious not to note, but I can't see much of a link that definitely proves an annotation?

Perhaps again it's the idea of twinned opposites - two completely opposite characters who almost share a name.

Or could we be dealing with another Marco Soto here, or a Kenneth Follett - somebody who has made a big charitable donation in order to have their name written into a Discworld novel? Turning the bumptious extroverted oaf Jeremy Clarkson ( on TV he comes across as a Prince Heinrich of Zlobenia crossed with a Thunder God - big, hearty, jolly, forceful and of basic sense of humour) into a meek personality-free introvert, might have been a private joke on the part of TP... --AgProv 11:10, 14 September 2007 (CEST) and --AgProv 10:56, 12 March 2009 (UTC)

Clarkson qualifies as Tuckerization anyway, but I doubt it was from a donation. It's not his actual name and you'd have to suppose TP wrote a book about time/Time just for him; it would have had to be a very large donation. --Old Dickens 01:42, 13 July 2011 (CEST)