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The world in which The Carpet People takes place. The Story goes that before the carpet there was nothing, only flatness. Then the Carpet came to cover the flatness. Dust fell upon the carpet and the carpet wove the dust into life.

Scattered over the Carpet live different tribes, such as the Deftmenes, Munrung and Vortgorn. The most powerful tribe is the Dumii, who have conquered a large part of the Carpet, with Ware as their capital (about the size of this . dot). Underneath the Carpet is called the Underlay.

Animals such as Snargs and Hymetors populate the carpet, some take on the colour of the hairs of the area of Carpet where they live, as camouflage.

The Carpet seems to undergo random attacks by Fray, which squashes villages and cities.

Travelling around the Carpet are Wights, who seem to be spiritually connected to the Carpet, "remembering" the future. The Wights can handle all resources of the Carpet: grit, sugar, bronze, varnish, wood, hairs and dust.

Tribes and Peoples of the Carpet

Animals and Wildlife of the Carpet

  • Soraths - Herd animals
  • Weft borers
  • Tromps - Travels two days ahead of the Sorath herds
  • Goats
  • Snargs
  • Pigs
  • Hymetors
  • Horses
  • Ponies
  • Badgers
  • Termagants

Locations on the Carpet

  • Ware, the Dumii capital
  • Jeopard, the Deftmene city
  • Achairleg, source of varnish
  • The High Gate Land, where bronze is mined, home of the Vortgorn
  • Burned End, source of wood
  • Tregon Marus
  • Ultima Maris
  • Woodwall - locaation of the Munrung Village
  • Underlay
  • Rug - western outpost of the Dumii Empire and home to the firworshipers
  • Hearthlands - located to the south and source of Jet
  • Uttermost East - where the carpet meets the Floor
  • Thimbrule - The silver done on the far side of Varnisholme