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Publishers' Websites

  • Terry Pratchett - Bibliography, forums and features from Verlagsgruppe Random House / Doubleday / etc.
  • Terry Pratchett Books - A very active forum with members from around the world. Main page also includes current news and information about the books and Terry Pratchett. (HarperCollins)

Blogs and Discussion

National Sites






  • Radio Morpork - a Discworld podcast. Hosts Colm and Steve read each Discworld book in order, and create rankings. Launched August 2015; episodes usually released monthly, though they got a bit sporadic there for a while.
  • Pratchat - a monthly Terry Pratchett book club podcast. Australian hosts Elizabeth Flux (writer) and Ben McKenzie (comedian) read and discuss every Pratchett book (not just the Discworld), each with a special guest. Launched November 2017, released on the 7Ath of each month. Also has a supporter only bonus podcast, Ook Club.
  • The Death of Podcasts - a "comprehensive review of Terry Pratchett's Discworld series". Hosted by married American couple Amanda Smith and Ron “AAlgar” Watt. Launched November 2018; released monthly, usually on the 15th or 16th. Also on Tumblr.
  • Wyrd Sisters - a monthly Discworld re-read podcast, hosted by Americans Dani, Manning and Liz. Launched January 2019, released on the 28th of each month.
  • The Discworld Portal - a weekly Discworld discussion podcast. Hosted by the Medieval Gnome, a Canadian(?) fantasy fan in his 60s, it's "a portal between that fantasy world called the Discworld and Roundworld, what we call reality". Launched April 2019; released weekly.
  • The Truth Shall Make Ye Fret - a weekly Discworld podcast. Hosts Joanna Hagan-Young and Francine Carrel read and recap every Discworld book in order, over three episodes for each book with a week off in between. Launched November 2019.
  • Desert Island Discworld - a Discworld interview podcast. Host Al Kennedy interviews a variety of guests about their favourite Discworld books. Launched November 2019; released weekly in seasons of six episodes.
  • And he said to me - artist and author Bernard Pearson, longtime friend of Terry's and owner of the Discworld Emporium, shares stories about Pratchett in conversation with his other friends, including Rob Wilkins. Launched December 2019, released sporadically (only two episodes as of April 2020). No web site, but it appears to be on most podcast platforms.
  • The Compleat Discography - a Discworld fancast. “Four nerds” do a book club style read-through of the Discworld novels and related works, in publication order. Occasionally special guests; also intend to cover The Watch. Launched January 2020; released fortnightly, at least at launch.
  • Who Watches the Watch - An international collection of four Terry Pratchett fans - Charlotte, Lucy, Janos and George - re-read the Watch novels in anticipation of The Watch, planning to compare the two versions. They are also reading other Discworld books along the way. Launched May 2020; released weekly, with 2-3 episodes per book discussed (so far).


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  • Fan fiction
  • TV tropes - a really neat and entertaining site discussing the recurring "tropes", ie literary shortcuts, stereotypes and literary conventions present in TV, literature and art. A lot of space is given over to Pratchett's work, detailing how the tropes, those conventions, hooks and short-cuts present in the universal consciousness of all creative writers, work in the Discworld.

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