Paul Kidby

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Paul Kidby
Name Paul Kidby
Race Human
Age b.24th June 1964
Occupation Artist, Illustrator
Physical appearance
Residence Bournemouth, England
Marital Status Married

Paul Kidby (born 1964) is the second artist to have illustrated the covers for the Discworld books. After the death of Josh Kirby, Paul Kidby became the standard artist for the covers of the British Discworld novels. Additionally, he provided the illustrations for The Last Hero and the collections The Pratchett Portfolio and The Art of Discworld.

Other works include the art he created for the standalone catalogue Discworld and Beyond- A Retrospective, published by St Barbe Museum & Art Gallery, 2012, for the exhibition of the same name; art for multiple Discworld Calendars, art for the first eight Discworld Diaries and he is also the illustrator for the official Discworld Colouring Book.

Book Covers by Paul Kidby

*Multiple covers produced in the same year.

Books Illustrated by Paul Kidby

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