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  • ...editor, whose responsibility it is to ascertain the correct license. This tag should be removed when an appropriate license is in use.'' ...The consensus was that anyone should be allowed his opportunity to put his tag on the wall, never mind the readability or authority of the wiki. We have s
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  • [[de:Tag]]
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  • ...Colon observes "I had a drop once, I couldn't stop going") is a nod to the tag line of [[Roundworld]]'s Bell's Scotch, as is the claim 'Aged 8 minutes' (t
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  • ...he twist in a beer commercial, with two reflective bystanders to utter the tag line "Now there's something you don't see very often". (The more cerebral t
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  • ...rn of the twentieth century as the name for a standard barbershop-quartet "tag;" in the 1950's it was used as a verbal description of the characteristic r
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  • Would anyone object to putting a tag on the Discworld series template saying something like Publication Order. I
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  • her own mission in Cyrodiil - but she needs your help! Will you let her tag along? Will you let your Cyrodiil life be changed by a talkative, curious a
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