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Articles, speeches and interviews written or given by Terry Pratchett.


1. High Tech, Why Tech? (article in magazine "The Electronic Author, Summer 1993 Issue")

2. Imaginary Worlds, Real Stories (speech from October 1st, 2000 for the National Folklore Society)

3. Let There be Dragons (1993) (speech June 11th, 1993 given at the Booksellers Association Conference dinner)

4. Magic Kingdoms / Fantasy Kingdoms (article from July 4th, 1999 in newspaper "The Sunday Times; New Review")

5. Neil Gaiman: Amazing Master Conjurer (2002) (article in programme book of Boskone 39, February 15-17th, 2002)

6. No Worries (article from June 1998 in "SFX" magazine)

7. The Orangutans are Dying. Sorry Son, The Humans Need All Our Trees (article from February 20th, 2000 in newspaper "The Mail On Sunday")

8. Paperback Writer (article from December 6th, 2003 in "The Guardian" newspaper)

9. Roots of Fantasy (1989) (article in "The Roots of Fantasy: Myth, Folklore & Archetype", programme book of World Fantasy Convention 1989)

10. Sheer Delight: Tribute to Bob Shaw (1996) (article from 1st April, 1996 in magazine "SFX"), republished in Once More* *with Footnotes.

11. Thought Progress (1989) (article from May 1989 in magazine "20/20")

12. Whose Fantasy Are You? (1991) (article from 17th September, 1991 in magazine "WH Smith Bookcase")

13. A Word About Hats (2001) (article in Sunday Telegraph Review, July 8th, 2001)

14. 2001: The Vision and the Reality (2000) (article from December 24th, 2000 in newspaper "The Sunday Times")

15. And Mind the Monoliths (1978) (article from April 3rd, 1978 in newspaper "Bath & West Evening Chronicle"). Republished in A Blink of the Screen.

16. The Big Store (2002) (article in Bob Eaton's stage adaptation of Truckers, March 2002). Republished in Once More* *with Footnotes.

17. The Choice Word (2000) (contribution for The Word, London's Festival of Literature, 2000)

18. Doctor Who? (2001) (speech for honorary degree, University of Portsmouth, 2001)

19. Elves Were Bastards (1992) (article in Hillcon programme book, November 1992)

20. Why Gandalf Never Married (speech given at Novacon 15, 1985)

21. Alien Christmas (Beccon 1987 After-Dinner Speech from August 1987)

22. On Science Fiction in Schools (article from 21st September, 1963 in magazine "Vector (Journal of the BSFA) 21")

23. The Unconventional Cavalier. An Assessment of Colin Kapp (article from September, 1963 in magazine "Zenith, Issue 6")

24. The Picture (article from 11th May, 1965 in magazine "Technical Cygnet, Wycombe High School Technical Magazine, Issue 1"). Republished in A Blink of the Screen.

25. When Gerrards Cross Was The 'Brighton Of Bucks' (article from 29th January, 1969 in newspaper "Bucks Free Press")

26. Three Popes To Go Before We Know If Malachy Was Right (article from 29th January, 1969 in newspaper "Bucks Free Press", written under the pseudonym 'Marcus')

27. After Thirty-Six Long Years The Burmese Still Remember Him (article from 27th May, 1970 in newspaper "Bucks Free Press", written under the pseudonym 'Marcus')

28. Where Particle Sheep Safely Wave (1990) (article from 5th May, 1990 in magazine "New Scientist")

29. Joint Account (1992) (article from 1992 in magazine "WH Smith Junior Bookcase, Heatwave Edition")

30. My Best Teacher (1994) (article from 16th September, 1994 in T"ES2, Times Educational Supplement")

31. My Soundtrack For A Cathedral (1995) (article from 28th May, 1995 in newspaper "The Mail On Sunday")

32. My New Year Resolution (1996) (article from 31st December, 1996 in newspaper "The Express")

33. On Excellence in Schools (1997) (article from July 1997 in "Education: What It Means To You"; Dept of Education)

34. My Kind Of Day (article in magazine "Radio Times, Issue for 10-16th May 1997")

35. The Meaning Of My Christmas (article from December 24th, 1997 in newspaper "Western Daily Press, Bristol")

36. Lord Of The Rings (article from August 8th, 1999 in newspaper "The Sunday Times; Culture Section")

37. Wyrd Ideas (article from Autumn, 1999 in "The Author; CX; 3; Autumn Issue)

38. I Only Read The Brodies Notes (article from December, 1999 in "Later; December Issue")

39. Author Pays Tribute To Former BFP Editor 47. Arthur (article from February 16th, 2001 in newspaper "Bucks Free Press")

40. Plunder Woman (article from November 7th, 1998 in newspaper "The Express; Weekend: Arts")

41. A Word From Terry, On Being 21 (article in programme book of the 2004 Discworld Convention, August 2004)

42. Tales Of Wonder And Porn (2004) (article in programme book of Noreascon 4: The 62nd World Science Fiction Convention, September 2004)

43. It Keeps My Head Together (article from July 8th, 2001 in "The Sunday Telegraph; Review")

44. A Word From Terry Pratchett (About Truckers) (In programme book of Bob Eaton’s adaptation of Truckers. The play toured in 2002), this is the original title of no. 16 'The Big Store' and they are the same article. Republished in A Slip of the Keyboard

45. Straight from the Heart, Via the Groin (Terry's 2004 speech at Noreascon, WorldCon)

46. Keep it Real - Notes from a successful fantasy author (The 2007 edition of The Writers' and Artists' Yearbook contains an article by Terry (pp. 231-232) giving advice on how to write science fiction)

47. I Create Gods All The Time - Now I Think One Might Exist (article in Daily Mail, June 21st, 2008)

48. I'm disgusted...I can get Viagra on the NHS, but nothing for my Alzheimer's (article in News of the World, August 17th, 2008)

49. Terry Pratchett : Speech to the Tory Party Conference (September 29th, 2008)

50. I'm slipping away a bit at a time... and all I can do is watch it happen (2008) (article in Daily Mail, October 7th, 2008)

51. Speak its name to kill dementia (2008) (letter in The Times, October 7th, 2008)

52. Palliative Care: Thoughts following the death of Sir Edward Downes and his wife (2009) (letter in The Times, July 16th, 2009)

53. Point me to heaven when the final chapter comes/ I'll die before the endgame (2009) (article in Mail on Sunday, Aug 2nd, 2009)

54. When the time comes I'll sit on my lawn, brandy in hand and Thomas Tallis on my iPod. And then I'll shake hands with Death (2010) (article in Daily Mail, Feb 3rd, 2010)

55. The Tale of Joshua Easement (2010) (article in The Times, Mar 16th, 2010). Republished in A Blink of the Screen.

56. Signing books was nearly the death of me (2012) (article in The Guardian, Nov 24th, 2012)

57. A Slip of the Keyboard (2014) (collection of Writings & Articles) (contains from Contributions to other works numbers: 1,2,6,16,20,29-31,) (contains from this section numbers: 3-9,11-14,16-22,33,35,37,41,42,45,46,48,50,53,60-80)

58. Doctor Who was a safe option for Saturday teatime (2013) (article in The Guardian, Nov 2nd, 2013)

59. PM broke dementia promise (2013) (article in The Sunday Times, Dec 1st, 2013)

60. Palmtop (1993) (article in Independent, July 9th, 1993)

61. Kevins (1993) (article from The Author, Winter 1993)

62. Carnegie Medal Award Speech (2001) (speech from July 12th, 2002)

63. Boston Globe-Horn Book Award Speech (2009) (speech for book 'Nation', from October 2nd, 2009)

64. Watching 'Nation' (2009) (article in Daily Telegraph from December 16th, 2009)

65. A Star Pupil (2011) (article in Celebrating 60 Years: Holtspur School, 2011)

66. On Granny Pratchett (2004) (article in Age Concern, 2004)

67. Writer's Choice (2004) (article in Waterstone's Books Quarterly, 12, 2004)

68. The King and I (1970) (article in Western Daily Press, December 24th, 1970)

69. Honey , these bees had a heart of gold (1976) (article in West Evening Chronicle, April 24th, 1976)

70. That sounds fungi, it must be the dawn chorus (1976) (article in Bath and West Evening Chronicle, 2 October 1976)

71. The God Moment (2008) (article in Mail on Sunday, 22 June 2008)

72. A Genuine Absent-minded Professor (2010) (speech for Inaugural Professorial Lecture in Trinity College, Dublin, 4 November 2010)

73. Saturdays (2011) (article in Radio Times, 12 November 2011)

74. Taxworld (2009) (letter in The Times, 23 May 2009)

75. Shaking Hands with Death (2010) (the Richard Dimbleby lecture, 1 February 2010. Also released as a stand alone book in 2015 with a new introduction by Rob Wilkins)

76. At last we have real compassion in assisted-dying guidelines (2010) (article in the Times, 26 February 2010)

77. Assisted-Dying: It's time the government gave us the right to end our lives (2011) (article in New Humanist, July/August 2011)

78. Death Knocked and We Let Him in (2011) (article in Sunday Times, 12 June 2011)

79. Week in the Death of Terry Pratchett (2011) (article in Independent, 18 June 2011)

80. Terry Pratchett's Wild Unattached Footnotes to Life (1990) (article for Charity magazine, 1 July 1990)

81. When the Children Read Fantasy (1994) (article for SF2 Concatenation, 1994)

82. The Secrets of my Success: Terry Pratchett (2010) (interview with Mail Online, 22 May 2010)

83. My Dinner With Terry (interview in SFX Presents The Authorised Terry Pratchett's Discworld Magazine, 1997)

84. Doing as you would bee done by (1975) (article in the Bath & West Evening Chronicle), republished in the collectors edition of The Shepherd's Crown.

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