The Authorised Terry Pratchett's Discworld Magazine

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SFX Presents the Authorised Terry Pratchett's Discworld Magazine
Co-author(s) M.J. Simpson
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Publisher Future Publishing Ltd
Publication date 1997
ISBN 9771368500006
Pages 74
RRP £3.50
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All data relates to the first UK edition.

Also called 'SFX Presents the Authorised Terry Pratchett's Discworld Magazine,' this is an official magazine produced between Terry Pratchett and SFX magazine, who have previously featured reviews of Terry's work, articles by him and interviews with him. This special edition of their magazine mainly deals with the recent Cosgrove hall adaptations of Soul Music and Wyrd Sisters. Edited by M.J. Simpson.


Collaborations with SFX

Celebration Magazine

Terry Pratchett has had a long relationship with the SFX magazine who have published an number of articles written by him, some examples include: 'Sheer Delight: Tribute to Bob Shaw' article from April 1996 and 'No Worries' article from June 1998.

Sir Terry was the guest editor of issue 196 (June 2010) of the magazine.

Issue 264 (September 2015) included a small supplementary 20 page mini magazine 'Terry Pratchett and Discworld An SFX Celebration.' A celebration of the authors works and contributions to SFX magazine. The pamphlet ended with a preview of The Compleat Discworld Atlas.

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