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Greicha Wyrmbidder
Race Human
Occupation Ruler of the Wyrmberg
Physical appearance
Residence The Wyrmberg
Death Poisoned by his daughter Liessa
Children Liessa, Liartes, Lio!rt
Marital Status
Books The Colour of Magic

Greicha was the former ruler of the Wyrmberg and a very powerful wizard, being able to magically hold himself at the moment of his death, as featured in The Colour of Magic. In a conversation with Twoflower, he states that he was able to summon up to 500 dragons at a time.

Despite being murdered, poisoned by his daughter Liessa, he continued to rule as a ghost until one of his children showed they were strong enough to take power. With the help of Hrun the Barbarian, Liessa defeated her two brothers, Liartes and Lio!rt, and took control of the Wyrmberg.

Greicha's soul is taken by Death at the moment of Liessa's victory.

Presumably unconnected to Unseen University, as UU wizards are not permitted to have children.