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The hereditary Loremaster of the Wyrmberg is responsible for knowing the Lore; the customs and rules of the people of the Wyrmberg.

During the time of The Colour of Magic, the Loremaster was an old man who was unsettled by the specter of Greicha the First who still resides at the Wyrmberg, despite being dead. He supervised the battle between Hrun and the brothers Lio!rt and Liartes. Following Hrun's victory, when Liessa summons her dragon to pursue Rincewind, Twoflower, and Hrun, the dimensional effect of summoning caused the Loremaster to catch the cross-dimensional echoes of a theory being hatched in the mind of an early pyschiatrist in another universe. (The psychiatrist also saw the girl on the dragon for a moment).

He expected Greicha's specter would depart with the victory of Liessa, but as Greicha pointed out, he would have to wait for Death himself to arrive. Greicha then promised to let the Loremaster know what death was like (after investigating it fully).