Quirmian Phrases

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Most residents of Ankh-Morkpork speak Morporkian. However from time to time Quirmian is used by particular individuals to make excruciating puns.

  • Chemin-de-fer - "The Iron Road" - The Railway. (According to Effie King, it's also a card game.)
  • Derriere Velocite - "Bum's Rush" - Forcible ejection from an establishment (Men at Arms)
  • Le Mot Juste - "The Right Word (In The Right Place" - de Worde family Motto
  • Lingua Quirma - A nod to the realworld phrase, "Lingua franca" (Jingo and Raising Steam)
  • Fait Accompli - "An Accomplished Fact" (Raising Steam)
  • Guy de Norde - a celebrated architect who gave his name to the main railway station in Quirm city.
  • Mon Repos - "my place of rest" - (see also Death's Domain).
  • Noblesse Oblige - "Nobility Obliges".
  • Droit De Seigneur'' - "the right of the lord"
  • Touché "touched" (fencing)
  • Dans Une Certaine Condition - "In A Certain Condition" -- in reference to lycanthropy (Men at Arms)
  • Nom d'une bouilloire! Pourquoi est-ce que je suis hardiment ri sous cape à par les dieux? - "Name of a kettle! Why am I boldly chuckled at by the gods?" (roughly translated) -- less a phrase and more a lamentation by the chef Aimsbury about his allergy to the word "garlic" (Making Money)

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