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External links


Publishers' Websites

  • Terry Pratchett - Bibliography, forums and features from Verlagsgruppe Random House / Doubleday / etc.
  • Terry Pratchett Books - A very active forum with members from around the world. Main page also includes current news and information about the books and Terry Pratchett. (HarperCollins)

Blogs and Discussion


National Sites



Mastodon server



Moved to their own page: Podcasts.

Teaching Guides

Criticism, biography, commentary

See also

  • Fan fiction
  • TV tropes - a really neat and entertaining site discussing the recurring "tropes", ie literary shortcuts, stereotypes and literary conventions present in TV, literature and art. A lot of space is given over to Pratchett's work, detailing how the tropes, those conventions, hooks and short-cuts present in the universal consciousness of all creative writers, work in the Discworld.

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