Igneous Cutwell

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Igneous Cutwell
Name Igneous Cutwell
Race Human
Age 20
Occupation Wizard
Physical appearance
Residence Sto Lat
Marital Status Probably courting Queen Keli
Books Mort

A 20 year old wizard. In Mort, he becomes the Royal Recogniser for the dead Princess Keli. He claims to be DM (Unseen), Marster of the Infinit, Illuminartus, Wyzard to Princes, Gardian of the Sacred Portalls, Holder of the Eight Keys and Traveller in the Dungeon Dimensions.

Can't do fireworks, can't do treacle sandwiches, doesn't have a beard, but does have a stuffed alligator in his house.

If he's out, you can leave your mail at Mrs. Nugent next door.

He is a fat young man who absent-mindedly leaves half-eaten meals around the place and eats them when and if he finds them under the mess he leaves everywhere.

Despite his marvellous titles, and his self-important doorknocker (which announces his guests and leers at young women), he is in fact a level one Wizard and although he might have a fire spell to light a candle he can still burn himself and his spell is no more potent than that. He is an intelligent wizard which can be seen not only by his knowledge but his agreement to act as the Royal Recogniser for Princess Keli, who is far from merciful should the mood take her. He is seen to know the use of Caroc Cards, runes and various other methods of divination. Clearly he would make a better wizard with more study, but he seems happy with the choices he made.

According to Ysabell he's a "force behind the throne", implying that he's courting Queen Keli. One of the titles graciously bestowed on him by Queen Keli is Royal Astrologer.