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i) People with a genuine thirst for knowledge seeking guidance along the path of academic wisdom;


ii) People with a genuine thirst who have opted to study in Ankh-Morpork because of the sheer number and variety of pubs;


iii) The lowest form of life at Unseen University, and who are studiously avoided by the Faculty until there is no other alternative. There is an unspoken convention suiting both Faculty and students that many lectures will take place in Room 3b and Room 5b, an arrangement that suits both sides perfectly.

Students of Unseen University include Eskarina Smith, Simon, Victor Tugelbend, Ponder Stibbons, Adrian Turnipseed and Mr Sideney. Presumably all the lecturers and staff wizards were all students there-except any that may have come from Krull or XXXX's Universities.

Other students referred to include students of the Assassins Guild (Teppic, Jocasta Wiggs, Havelock Vetinari), students of the Fools Guild (Verence II, etc.), members of Quirm College and so on.