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The Discworld Mapp
Dw mapp.jpg
Co-author(s) Stephen Briggs
Illustrator(s) Stephen Player
Publisher Corgi
Publication date November 1995
ISBN 0552143243
Pages 24
RRP £4.99
Main characters
Series Maps
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All data relates to the first UK edition.


They said it couldn't be done. Well it has been done, proving them wrong once again. After many years of research, cunningly contrived in as many minutes, the Discworld has its map. It takes full account of the historic and much documented expeditions of the Discworld's fêted (or at least fated) explorers: General Sir Roderick Purdeigh, Lars Larsnephew, Llamedos Jones, Lady Alice Venturi, Ponce da Quirm and of course Venter Borass.

Now travellers on this circular world can see it all: from Klatch to the Ramtops, from Cori Celesti to the Circle Sea, from Genua to Bhangbhangduc. The great cities of Hunghung, Pseudopolis, Al Khali and of course, Ankh-Morpork are placed with loving care upon this world which is carried through space by Great A'Tuin.

Problems with the original Mapp are detailed on the discussion page. It is possibly the newly released (as of late 2015) The Compleat Discworld Atlas will resolve some issues. Watch this space.