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Death comes for everyone, but what happens when he comes is different for each person. Having removed the soul from the body, he may usher people off to their well deserved rest or reward in the afterlife. Some they get what they deserved after a life of wickedness and are destined for one of the hells, or special punishments. Some get to go round again and are reincarnated, or choose to become one with nature.

Some, however are destined to become ghosts. This is not up to Death, but usually occurs due to the will of the gods who feel that the person has some unfinished task to complete. Their soul will thus remain on the Disc as a ghost, until such time as they complete their destiny and Death can collect their soul.

Ghosts cannot normally affect the world of the living, but some have found that with mental strength and focus they can manipulate small objects; close doors, create a draft and over-salt the foe's porridge. Over time a ghost will often lose its shape, and can become a mere blob, unless it has a strong morphogenic field.

These spirits cannot usually be seen or sensed by most humans, although many people become uncomfortable in their presence or if they sit on them. The current record anyone has managed to sit in the haunted seat seven (front row, center) at the Pink PussyCat Club is eleven seconds. Ghosts can be seen by close relatives, the psychically inclined, and cats. A ghost is often restricted to the site where it died, and must haunt a certain location. Clever ghosts have found a loophole in this.

Ghosts of the Disc