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'Der ganze Wahnsinn: Storys,' translated: 'The Whole Madness: Stories' is a German language book containing material by Terry Pratchett and is essentially a republication of the anthology Once More* *with Footnotes. There are however several differences in content between the two. The contents were translated by Andreas Brandhorst and the book includes sixteen illustrations by Josh Kirby.

Cover for hardback


The Discworld is a bizarre, flat world somewhere in the universe - and yet millions of human readers know them inside out. For over 30 years Terry Pratchett wowed readers - and now here are for the first time all of his stories and antics as never before. As a fundamental part of his work, they reflect the entire cosmos reflected in a highly original way. Death starts searching for victims, the empathic and wisest of all Reapers. Moreover drunken palace guards, crazy playing computer and Nome in department stores. Compiled by the author himself, with exclusive new stories, an introduction of Master and an elaborate Colour part with the most beautiful works of art of cult illustrator Josh Kirby.


Differences with Once More* *with Footnotes

This book omits several of the essays and stories from the original, Once More* With Footnotes, including the several essays that were written by other authors for the book. The Whole Madness: Stories compensates for this by including some material that was not present in the first one, such as the forewords written by Terry Pratchett for the Discworld computer games.


This book is a German language release only and there is no English or other language release it is also available in paperback. Thsi book could be of value to non German speakers for several reasons: as a collectors item, for the illustrations by Josh kirby, this book in both harback and paperback is far more readily available than Once More* With Footnotes, and finally this version is cheap, really cheap, compared to its extremely rare and expensive predecessor. As such this version may be the only chance by some Pratchett fans to at least own a version of Once More* With Footnotes without having to pay a dwarfs fantasy in money.