Discworld Timeline 2.0

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For Sources and information on how this timeline was formed see Talk:Discworld Timeline 2.0

Date Events
Creation of the Universe Eric
-100,000,000 UC The proto-continent of Pangola is split into 2 vast land masses. Howondaland & Lauragatea
-30,000,000 UC XXXX splits off from the larger continent of Lauragatea
-10,000,000 UC The contents of the Ankh-Morpork History monk privy is emptied into a volcano
-700,000 UC Hippos sunbathe on the banks of the river Ankh and the first street is formed as a bamboo replica by Qu performing time experiments
-58,000 UC Um is destroyed in the first war with the Ice Giants and Lu-Tze stares down a mammoth.
-18,000 UC Formal Golem becomes the common language of Golems
-8,000 UC Early Ankh-Morpork is built with stone
-1282 UC Latest re-founding of Ankh-Morpork
1 UC Battle of Koom Valley, Founding of Unseen University
14 UC Alberto Malich performs the Rite of AshkEnte backwards, enters Death's Domain and becomes his servant.
498 UC B'hrian Bloodaxe Crowned Low King of the dwarfs on the Scone of Stone
709 UC King Murune begins his reign of Lancre
1100 UC The king of Ankh builds a temple (now the royal bank) hoping for a god to show up to inhabit it.
1500 UC The second expedition departs to XXXX from Ankh-Morpork.
1511 UC Sir Gyles and Lady de Murforte starts construction of The de Murforte School for Gentlemen Assassins
1512 UC The de Murforte School for Gentlemen Assassins was officially opened
1514 UC Vampire, Queen Grimnir the Impaler begins her reign of Lancre
1530 UC King Cirone II Establish the first formal post-network and appoints the first ‘Master of the Posts’
1547 UC The Brotherhood of Infernal Zoth, the Undying Renderer wiped out by a suspiciously localised earthquake.
1561 UC The Ankh-Morpork City Watch is established by King Veltrick I, same year murdered by his son and so beings the reign of King Veltrick II of Ankh-Morpork
1567 UC The Fools Guild is founded by Monsieur Jean-Paul
1572 UC The first City Watch badge is made. The reign of King Veltrick III of Ankh-Morpork begins.
1576 UC The de Murforte School for Gentlemen Assassins has its status elevated to that of a Guild and renamed: "the Royal Guild of Assasssins"
1635 UC The Ankh-Morpork Post Office building is opened
1688 UC The Battle of Ankh-Morpork ends the Monarchy
Century of the Three Lice
1802 UC Methodia Rascal paints the Battle of Koom Valley
1880 UC The Diet of Bugs
1882 UC Small Gods
Century of the Fruitbat
1900 UC The latest big Battle of Koom Valley is fought
1961 UC Glorious Revolution
1961~1971 UC The Colour of Magic, The Light Fantastic
1971 UC Mort
1982 UC Moving Pictures, Reaper Man, Small Gods
1985 UC Guards! Guards!, Short Story:Theatre of Cruelty
1986 UC Men at Arms
1987 UC Feet of Clay, Soul Music
1997 UC Jingo, The Truth The first Clacks company is founded. The Ankh-Morpork Times is founded.
1998 UC The Fifth Elephant
1999 UC Thief of Time, Night Watch, The Wee Free Men
Century of the Anchovy
2000 UC Going Postal, Thud!, A Hat Full of Sky, Book:Where's My Cow? Ankh-Morpork Post Office re-opens.
2001 UC Making Money, Wintersmith
2004 UC I Shall Wear Midnight
2005 UC Snuff
2006 UC Raising Steam
2007 UC The Shepherd's Crown


Date Events
-53 UC Alberto Malich is born
947 UC Gladys is born
1200 UC Lu-Tze is born.