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The Discworld has several monarchies, among them empires, kingdoms, dukedoms, seriphdoms - some of them flourishing, some of them already extinct.

Agatean Empire

Ankh-Morpork Monarchy

There are two lines of kings in Ankh-Morpork. The Kings of Ankh, considered to be the true noble line, died out around the foundation of Unseen University, 2,000 years ago. After that, the crown was available to the king with the most muscle. These Kings of Ankh-Morpork ruled until "Stoneface" Vimes personally ended Ankh-Morporkian monarchy in the Civil War of 1688 UC. According to facts from Ankh-Morporkian chronicles, both men and women seem to have occupied this noble but not always pleasant office. We are also told that the courtesy title for the eldest son of the monarch is Prince of Llamedos.This no doubt stems from a time when Llamedos was a tributary part of the Ankh-Morporkian Empire.

Kingdom of Ankh

  • King Artorollo
  • King Paragore
  • Queen Alguinna IV
  • King Veltrick I 1561-1561
  • King Veltrick II 1562-1572
  • King Veltrick III 1572 - unknown

It is suspected that Carrot Ironfoundersson is the heir to the throne in the line of the kings of Ankh. The aforesaid five are (according to Mr. Pratchett's chronicles) supposed to be ancestors of him. Dates are taken from the New Discworld Companion.

Kingdom of Ankh-Morpork

  • King Cirone II (was known to be king in 1511-1512)- cannot therefore be or be related to the Cirone IV who had the Cloaca Maxima built [see Men at Arms]), which means that there must have been at least four Kings of Old Ankh named Cirone.

Seriphdom of Klatch

Kingdom of Lancre

Duchy of Pseudopolis

Duchy of Quirm

Duchy of Sto Helit

Kingdom of Sto Lat

Monarchs of Sumtri

Eorles and duchesses of NoThingfjord

Kings, Princes and Paramount Chiefs of Howondaland

  • King Samuel, ruler of an as yet unknown state. No doubt the Assassins' Guild has a theoretical and detailed inhumation plan on file.

Dwarf Monarchy

"King" is the term used to translate the dwarfish word whose actual meaning is closer to "Chief Mining Engineer."


All trolls acknowledge at least a nominal allegiance to their Diamond King, although there is not necessarily a diamond troll (openly) in existence at all times.