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Annotations are notes by readers about the works of Terry Pratchett, and clarifications produced by Terry himself. They are concerned with the background of the books, references to mythology, popular culture, etc.

If you post annotations in this section you agree that your annotations will appear on the APF which doesn't use the CC license.

Annotated books

There are annotations for the following books:

Reverse annotations

Apart from annotations for Pratchett's books, there are also Reverse Annotations. These are (potential) references to works of Pratchett.

Adding annotations to the wiki

For annotations, there already is an excellent source: the Annotated Pratchett File. Please submit your annotations to the maintainers. But as updates to the APF can be few and far between, you're welcome to share them here as well. There are a few notes, though:

  • Don't copy/paste the APF here unless you have been given permission by the maintainers.
  • Annotations do not fall under the CC-license of the wiki for the APF-maintainers, to prevent licensing issues for the APF. By posting your annotation here you agree that it may be used in the APF.
  • For book annotations, follow the naming convention Book:Title/Annotations (which can be shortened to the template {{ST-APF}}, where "ST" is the shortened title (ie COM, TLF, SG, T!) of the book.
  • If an annotation fits well in an article about a character, location or whatever, you can add a heading and place it under there. Do link to it from the appropriate book annotation page so it can easily be found (a "more here" link will suffice, no need to place it in full in both articles).
  • Feel free to link to external sources

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