Book:The Art of Discworld

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Book:The Art of Discworld
The Art of Discworld.jpg
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Illustrator(s) Paul Kidby
Publisher Victor Gollancz
Publication date 2004
ISBN 0060758279
RRP £14.99
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All data relates to the first UK edition.

The second collection of Paul Kidby Discworld artwork, The Art of Discworld includes commentary on the artwork by both Kidby and Terry Pratchett.

The list of pictures below is not exhaustive.

Pictured Locations

Pictured Characters

Pictured Events

Pictured Items

Background Items

If you look carefully, some pictures contain fairly interesting items that aren't immediately obvious:

  • The 2-page black and white image of Greebo includes:
    • Picture of Greebo when he was changed to a man (in Witches Abroad)
    • Greebo's Maskerade Mask
    • Letter Nanny wrote home in Witches Abroad
    • Giamo Casanunda's business card
    • Nanny's banjo
    • Granny's shoes
    • Magrat's helmet
    • Granny's mysterious box
    • Granny's hat
    • Magrat's amulets
    • Nanny's pipe
    • Bees
    • Magic wand
    • Apple peel spelling out "Verence"
    • Jar of scumble
    • Quantum weather butterflies
  • The 2-page black and white image of Leonard of Quirm includes:
    • letters on the left side form "oh wretched mortals"
    • letters on the right side form "open your eyes"
    • the naked Gytha Ogg sketch is a reference to a drawing from the film Titanic
    • Leonardo Da Vinci's study of cat movements is in the middle right (behind the flying machine sketch)
    • an Ornithopter, also Da Vinci's idea
  • The pastiche of The Hireling Shepherd (with Gytha Ogg and Leonardo) includes:
  • The black and white sketch of Kaos includes:
    • armour is covered with fractals