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Based on the LSpace Timeline. The University Calendar years should be used. See discussion. There's also an alternative Discworld Timeline 2.0.

Date Events
Approximately -58000 UC Um is destroyed in the first war with the Ice Giants. Or alternatively by a volcano. Accounts vary.
-2564 UC Founding of Ankh-Morpork
1 UC Alberto Malich the Wise founds Unseen University (1282 AM)
14 UC Alberto Malich performs the Rite of AshkEnte backwards, enters Death's Domain and becomes his valet.
Approximately 490 UC B'hrian Bloodaxe Crowned Low King of the dwarfs on the Scone of Stone
1196 UC The Diet of Bugs
1512 UC Sir Gyles de Munforte founds the School for Gentleman Assassins
1547 UC The Brotherhood of Infernal Zoth, the Undying Renderer wiped out by a suspiciously localised earthquake. Site purchased by the Fools' Guild.
1561 UC King Veltrick I of Ankh founds the City Watch
1576 UC Assassins' School becomes a Royal Guild
1688 UC The Ankh-Morpork Civil War ends the Monarchy
1855 UC Windle Poons born
1878 UC Cohen the Barbarian born
1885 UC (approximate date) Small Gods: Brutha begins reform of Omnianism1
1888 UC Century of the Three Lice ends
1889 UC Century of the Fruitbat begins
1912 UC (approximate date) Esmerelda Weatherwax born
1914 UC The Dean born (age 72 in Soul Music)
1915 UC Mustrum Ridcully born
1933 UC (approximate date) Ridcully visits Lancre. Esme Weatherwax meets the Queen of the Elves.
1943 UC Ridcully leaves Unseen University
1946 UC Homicidal Lord Winder becomes Patrician
1957 UC Night Watch (main part). Glorious Revolution, Mad Lord Snapcase becomes Patrician, both 25 May. Doctor Follett is Master of the Assassins' Guild.
1964 UC The Colour of Magic, The Light Fantastic. Destruction of the Broken Drum. Death of Archchancellor Galder Weatherwax. The Librarian becomes an orangutan. Follet has been succeeded as Master of the Assassins' Guild by Zlorf Flannelfoot.
1966 UC Equal Rites. Cutangle is Archchancellor.
1967 UC Mort. Mort becomes Duke of Sto Helit
1968 UC Wyrd Sisters (prologue). Verence I of Lancre murdered. Havelock Vetinari graduates from the Assassins' Guild School.
1969 UC Wyrd Sisters (first part), Troll Bridge. Lancre enters 15-year timeslip. Carrot Ironfoundersson born.
1970 UC Susan Sto Helit born to Mort and Ysabell
1974 UC Sourcery. Death of Archchancellor-elect Virrid Wayzygoose. Lord Vetinari is Patrician
1984 UC Wyrd Sisters (last part). Lancre emerges from timeslip; Verence II becomes king.
1985 UC Guards! Guards!, Moving Pictures, Reaper Man, Witches Abroad, Short Story:Theatre of Cruelty. Mustrum Ridcully becomes Archchancellor. Hughnon Ridcully becomes High Priest.
1986 UC Lords and Ladies, Men at Arms, Soul Music, Interesting Times. Sam Vimes becomes Commander of the unified City Watch. Lord Downey succeeds Dr Cruces as Master of Assassins. Cohen and the Silver Horde conquer the Agatean Empire.
1987 UC Maskerade, Feet of Clay, Hogfather. It is possible that around this time, the Assassins' Guild School started to legitimately accept female pupils. (Jocasta Wiggs is around fifteen-sixteen when encountered in Night Watch)
1988 UC Jingo, The Last Continent. Leshp War. Sir Samuel Vimes becomes Duke of Ankh. The end of the Century of the Fruitbat.
1989 UC Beginning of the Century of the Anchovy. Carpe Jugulum, The Fifth Elephant. The Clacks commence operation.
1990 UC The Truth, Thief of Time, Night Watch (beginning and end). Ankh-Morpork Times founded. Young Sam Vimes born.
1991 UC Monstrous Regiment, Going Postal, Thud!. Post Office re-opens.
1992 UC Making Money. Paper currency introduced, backed by the Golem Standard.
1996 UC Snuff

1 And perhaps simultaneously a century later as well. Or not. Complain to the History Monks, or the builders of the Pyramids.