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One of the many adaptations of Terry Pratchett's works has been radio plays. Radio plays are different from straight readings of the novels, e.g. audio books, as they have a full cast to play the characters and only dialogue is read. The plays have mostly been broadcast on BBC Radio 4, BBC 7 and online on BBC Radio 4 Extra, several of the plays are still repeated on these channels periodically. There also have been serialised readings of several novels. Terry Pratchett BBC Radio Homepage.

Radio Plays By Year

Guards! Guards!

1992, BBC. Adapted by Michael Butt, directed by John Taylor.


On BBC Radio 4 Extra

2001, Atlanta Radio Theatre Company (Performed at Dragon*Con). Adapted by David Benedict, directed by Thomas E. Fuller; in exchange for the rights to adapt this book ARTC made a donation to Orangutan Foundation International.


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Wyrd Sisters

1995, BBC. Adapted by Vince Foxall, directed by Claire Grove.


On BBC Radio 4 Extra

Only You Can Save Mankind

1996, BBC. Adapted by Bob Hescott, directed by Brian Lighthill.


  • Tim Smith: Johnny Maxwell
  • Janet Dale: Scree-Wee Captain
  • Michael Angelis: Gunnery Officer
  • Mark Finn: PT Teacher
  • Akhbar Karim: Wobbler
  • Marian Kemmer: Johnny's Mother
  • Laurence Rew: Johnny’s Father
  • Tessa Harrison: Scree-Wee Crewmember
  • Terry Pearson: Newscaster
  • Peter Dalton: Yo-Less
  • Michael Perestrello: Bigmac
  • Natalie Moore: Kirsty
  • Renu Setna: Mr Patel, Newscaster
  • David Hawkins: Nozzer
  • Matthew Campion: Shane
  • Simon Carter: Architect
  • Tina Grey: Kirsty’s Mother

On BBC Radio 4 Extra

The Amazing Maurice and his Educated Rodents

2003, BBC. Adapted by Peter Kerry, music by Rick Juckes, directed by Chris Wallis, technical presentation by David Fleming-Williams.


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2004, BBC. Adapted by Robin Brooks, directed by Claire Grove.


On BBC Radio 4 Extra

Small Gods

2006, BBC. Adapted by Robin Brooks, directed by Gordon House and produced by Claire Grove.


On BBC Radio 4 Extra

Night Watch

2008, BBC. Adapted by Robin Brooks, directed by Claire Grove and Jessica Dromgoole.


On BBC Radio 4 Extra


2013, BBC. Adapted by Robin Brooks and directed by Joquil Panting.


On BBC Radio 4 Extra

Good Omens

Radio Drama CD Cover
2019 reissue CD Cover
Collectors Edition Vinyl Cover

2014, BBC. Released on CD by BBC Physical Audio in 2015. Adapted by Dirk Maggs, and directed by Heather Larmour. In 2019 two new editions were released; a CD reissue with an additional introduction by Dirk Maggs and a collectors edition vinyl.


  • Mark Heap: Aziraphale
  • Peter Serafinowicz: Crowley
  • Nicholas Briggs: Metatron, Anforth
  • Steve Toussaint: Beelzeebub and others
  • Phil Davis: Hastur
  • Neil Maskell: Ligur
  • Rachael Stirling: War
  • Harry Lloyd: Pollution
  • Paterson Joseph: Famine
  • Jim Nórton: Death
  • Adam Thomas Wright: Adam Young
  • Bobby Fuller: Wensleydale
  • Hollie Burgess: Pepper
  • Lewis Andrews: Brian
  • Josie Lawrence: Agnes Nutter
  • Colin Morgan: Newton Pulsifer
  • Charlotte Ritchie: Anathema Device
  • Clive Russell: Shadwell
  • Julia Deakin: Madame Tracy
  • Ron Cook: Express Delivery Man
  • Simon Jones: Mr Young
  • Louise Brealey: Sister Mary Loquacious
  • Marcella Riordan: Sister Voluble, Mrs Omerod
  • Tracy Wiles: Sister Prattle and others
  • Andy Secombe: Tyler and others
  • Mitch Benn: Big Ted, Elvis, Lopez
  • Ben Crowe: Greaser and others
  • Arsher Ali: Pigbog
  • Mark Benton: Scuzz
  • Theo Maggs: Tomkins, Blake and others
  • Tom Alexander: Wethered, Baddicome and others
  • Paul Stonehouse: Blenkinsop and others
  • Rudi Goodman: Warlock
  • Lily-Rose Aslandogdu: Young Anathema, girl
  • Christy Meyer: Ami, Ma Deisenburger
  • Trevor White: Van Horne and others
  • Martin T. Sherman: Deisenburger and others
  • Police Officers: Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman

Cameos by Cathy Clugston, Corrie Corfield, Nick Grimshaw, Martha Kearney, Neil Sleat, The Garderners’, Eric Robinson, Bob Flowerdew and Pippa Greenwood.

BBC Radio 4 Webpage

Unseen Academicals

Audible Icon

2018, Amazon Audible, produced in partnership with Narrativia Ltd. Directed by Dirk Maggs, adapted by Richard Curtie and Bev Doyle.


Terry Pratchett: The BBC Radio Drama Collection

CD Cover

2018, BBC. A collection of seven of the plays produced by the BBC, released on CD and Audible. Contains: Mort, Wyrd Sisters, Guards! Guards!, Eric, Small Gods, Night Watch and Only You Can Save Mankind.

Serialised Novels

The Colour of Magic and Equal Rites were broadcast on BBC Radio 4's 'Womens Hour' in 1984 and 1987 respectively. Both were abridged in ten parts by Pat McLoughlin, The Colour of Magic was read by Nigel Hawthorne and Equal Rites was read by Sarah Badel.

The Amazing Maurice and his Educated Rodents was read by Omid Djalili over BBC Radio 7 in four parts as a segment on 'The 4 O'Clock Show' in 2002.

Nation was read by Matt Addis on BBC Radio 7 in eight parts in 2010. On BBC Radio 4 Extra